That’s what we call teamwork!

Ron Swanson eating ice cream is my favourite kind of Ron Swanson.

The Doctor: Duke Silver? Oh, well this is brilliant! I’ve always wanted to meet you! You are a true talent, you are! Oh, and the facial hair! In all my lives, I’ve never been so lucky to have a mustache like that…and you’re human! You are human, right? It’s almost hard to believe, I’ve read such brilliant things about you!

Well, come on, come on! You’ll love my girl, the TARDIS. She’s no brunette, but we can get some great breakfast food! Oh, but where should we start? Explore the 1920s Earth jazz scene, perhaps? Pop by Raxacoricofallapatorius, maybe? They have enormous pigs there in the 282nd century; makes for real tasty bacon! Or we track down some Judoon for a nice long chat about inter-species law! Maybe we’ll hunt down some books on woodworking at The Library? Oh! No, I know! Let’s petition the Shadow Proclamation to name a black hole Tammy!

All of Time and Space - everywhere and anywhere! Every star that ever was! The only question for you, Ronald Swanson: where do you want to start?

Ron: No.

*DW rewritten

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Ron Swanson-ified Shepard Fairey Obey

Parks and Rec Presents: The Complete Jean-Ralphio!


Parks and Recreation just released the OFFICIAL best of Jean-Ralphio video. Five minutes, J-R, dancing up on you. Thank you to HitFix for writing a really nice article and sending the video my way. The fourth season of Parks premieres on September 22nd!


The dancing!!